Six Reasons to Visit Your Chiropractor After an Auto Accident

Starting off the day with a car accident is never an ideal situation. Even if the crash is just a minor fender-bender, which is always the better outcome of two cars colliding, and you’re feeling fine afterward, it’s important to schedule an emergency chiropractic session as soon as possible after the incident. The good news for Richmond Hill is that Kelly Chiropractic is the auto accident chiropractor in the area!

Common Aches and Pains

After the insurance claim has been filed and the auto repairs are underway, it’s very important that you check in with your body and have some repair done there as well. Perhaps there is a minor ache in your neck, but you don’t think it’s a big deal. Heck, you have bigger things to worry about! But, this minor annoyance can easily trickle into a major pain in weeks, months, or even years. The body’s soft tissue can be bruised or even torn when hit with enough force, and what cars don’t absorb from the shock of another vehicle, the body does.

A well-known fact is that chiropractic care has the ability to heal back pain as well as neck pain. Whiplash is the number one offender of auto accidents. The jarring motion of a car crash propels your head in a certain direction (whether it’s forward, backward, or to the side), leaving a potentially dangerous impact on your level of mobility and comfort. The back at large is another potentially sore area after a car accident. Symptoms of these issues range from minor pain and inflammation to headaches, nausea, and dizziness. By visiting an auto accident chiropractor (or just Kelly Chiro) soon after the accident, you’ll be able to avoid long-term pain.

Why it’s So Important to Visit

  1.       Most chiropractors know how to properly document any serious injuries, making it easier for you to file with insurance, further medical treatment, or to present in a court case. In fact, some insurance companies actually cover chiropractic care.
  2.       Chiropractors will be able to see injuries that may be invisible to the naked eye. These professionals are trained heavily in the art of the body’s bones, muscles, tissues.
  3.       We’re able to treat without medication. Pain medication may be a short-term solution, while chiropractic care outlines exercises, stretches, and a treatment plan for long-term health and mobility.
  4.       Our treatments are entirely non-invasive. Your chiropractor may want to take x-rays to determine if there are any serious injuries, but the rest of the treatment will be a hands-on approach, designed to pinpoint certain spots on the body.
  5.       Once the body is weakened, even a small fall can be dangerous. Chiropractic treatment strengthens the body, helping against future damage.
  6.       Lastly, the improved mobility, reduction (or erasing) of pain, and increase in the value of life are the most important reasons why you should visit Kelly Chiropractic following an auto accident.
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