Why Chiropractic Care is More Cost Effective than Traditional Medicine

A common myth claims that visiting a chiropractor is more expensive than seeing a traditional, medical doctor. However, we’ve busted that myth, and we’re here to elaborate on the cost effectiveness of chiropractic care.

A Pain Management Story

Let’s illustrate a certain scenario that many people might find themselves in. You’re stuck at a desk job all day, and you suffer from chronic neck pain from being hunched over for the majority of your work week. You head to your normal doctor, hoping that he can help alleviate the pain, and he does by prescribing some medication. Now, you’re taking medicine daily to stop the aching. You feel better but are becoming dependent on the medicine to lead a normal life.

In this situation, the costs add up fairly quickly, even if insurance does cover some of it. You have to pay for the doctor’s visits, the medicine, and the refills. And you’re still paying for the pain, as the medicine is only helping the aches rather than the issue.

Cost Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care

Now, imagine this scenario from a chiropractic standpoint.

You work at a desk job all day and suffer from neck pain, so you schedule an appointment for a local chiropractor. During your first visit, you and the doctor discuss your health history and where you’re in pain; he may also take x-rays of the area to help determine the best course of action. During the adjustment sessions, the chiropractor will use precise movements and techniques to pinpoint the problem areas and put them back into proper alignment. The number of sessions you receive depends on the severity of the issue. (Contrary to popular belief, the people who maintain regular chiro visits do so because they enjoy the numerous health benefits that regular appointments bring.) The chiropractor will also recommend exercises and simple stretches for the patient so that they can lead a healthy, pain-free life.

In this situation, the cost is for the appointments only. (There are plenty of insurance plans that cover chiropractic care.) The chiropractor is addressing the root of the issue, which was the patient’s neck in this specific, imaginary situation (although chiropractors work with more than just the back and neck). Rather than prescribing medicine to reduce the pain, the chiropractor fixes the problem, which eliminates the pain entirely.

The Bottom Line

Numerous studies show that insurance plans that cover appointments to a chiropractor end up costing individuals less than plans that don’t. In fact, the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that “health plans with chiropractic benefits resulted in fewer surgeries, fewer hospital costs, and ultimately an 83% reduction of costs related to medical care.) The reason for this is simple: Chiropractic care is focused on returning the body to its natural alignment, which then helps individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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