How to Manage Winter Afflicted Chronic Pain

Winter is a notoriously harsh time of year with chilling days and almost relentlessly cold nights.For those suffering with chronic pain, wintertime stands out as a season that aggravates pre-existing conditions, like back or neck pain.

While many medical studies claim that there is no direct correlation between the cold and its effect on chronic pain, those suffering from chronic pain report otherwise. It’s cases like this where it’s best to listen to your body, and if you feel you need help with pain management during the winter months, seek out chiropractic assistance.

It’s best to understand how cold weather on its own can lead to increases in chronic pain. Cold weather can limit the body’s range of motion. As it gets colder outside and as your body temperature drops, your blood vessels constrict and blood flow is greatly reduced. This leaves your extremities– fingers, hands, and feet– feeling much colder. Those who suffer from joint pain in these particular areas will notice a more immediate discomfort.

Cold weather also increases the likelihood to get sick, which plays a part in increased chronic pain. Being sick usually requires resting in bed more frequently to try and give the body a chance to recover. However, lying in bed can cause joints to settle and stiffen, which makes attaining a restful sleep more difficult.

In spite of how difficult it can be to live with chronic pain, chiropractic care serves as one solution to chronic pain management. But what do chiropractors do? Chiropractors focus on practical treatment to help increase a patient’s health and mobility through manual spinal adjustments, professional diagnosis of existing problems, and non-invasive treatments. One such non-invasive treatment is heat therapy. Heat therapy can allow your locked joints and muscles to relax in a painless way, thereby increasing your range of mobility. This sort of treatment works best with those suffering from sciatica pain as it reduces acute pain.

Your chiropractor can help diagnose the source of your chronic pain. For example, those suffering from long term back pain might be victims of herniated discs. Treatment can involve spinal decompression with your chiropractor coupled with physical therapy. Unlike regular doctors, you and your chiropractor have scheduled sessions to ensure that you receive regular, monitored care. This can be especially useful during the harsh wintertime.

That being said, receiving a diagnosis does not always lead to needing an adjustment. One of the many chiropractic benefits is that you are being helped by a trained medical professional who can lead you in the proper direction when it comes to treatment. If you’re suffering from neck pain, your chiropractor will be the one to suggest either a cervical adjustment or simple neck exercises, which can just as easily alleviate your pain.

Even though chiropractors can help with chronic pain both acute and severe, how they go about treatment is usually on a case-by-case basis. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kelly to learn how you can safely and efficiently manage your chronic pain.

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