Richmond Hill Chiropractor Review Instructions

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Leave Us A Review!

Follow our simple steps below to leave us a review on Healthgrades and help people choose the best chiropractor:

1.Open your browser and go to Dr. Kelly’s profile here at:
2. Rate your visit and satisfaction.
3.You’ll need enter your email at the end so Healthgrades can confirm your survey, that’s it!


Leave Us A Review!

It can get kind of confusing trying to leave reviews on all these different sites, not to mention the steps can be completely different if you’re on a phone! Below are the simple steps you can follow to leave a Google review whether you are on a computer or your phone:



1.Open your browser and log in to your Google account at:
2.Go to: Our Google+ page
3.Click the pencil icon for “Kelly Chiropractic”
4.Rate us!


1.Open your browser and log in to your Google account at:
2. Hover over the “Home” button and choose “Local” from the menu
3. In the top search bar type in “Kelly Chiropractic” and Richmond Hill, GA”
4. Click the pencil icon for “Kelly Chiropractic”
5. Rate us!

If you don’t have a Google account (don’t forget if you’re using an Android phone you do have one!) you can visit us on Facebook or Yelp and leave us a review there as well.

Thanks, we really appreciate it!

Kelly Chiropractic 9390 Ford Ave Suite #2
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
(912) 756-8080