Top Chiropractic Myths Debunked

We’re sure myths exist about nearly everything, but for some reason, there are plenty of legends regarding chiropractic care that keep people away. We’ve decided that it’s time to shine a light on these chiropractic care myths and reveal the truth.


  1.      Chiropractic adjustments are dangerous and painful.

Chiropractors are trained in their field, so generally speaking, we know what we’re doing. We use precise movements to pinpoint the exact location of the adjustment; there’s usually no dancing around on a patient’s back, hoping that we fix the problem. Most patients actually report a sense of relief and loss of tension after an adjustment. In fact, The American Journal of Public Health reported that chiropractic patients were more satisfied than those with regular medical appointments.

  1.      Chiropractors aren’t “real” doctors.

Chiropractic colleges give graduating students a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. We aren’t medical doctors, but we’ve been trained to a doctorate-level in our field of study. Our schooling included intensive education in the classroom as well as a residency program. The biggest difference between chiropractic doctors and medical doctors is merely our method of treatment.

  1.      Your bones rub against each other during adjustment and make scary noises.

Actually, the noise you’re hearing isn’t your bones; it’s the release of CO2 gas. There’s fluid between your muscles, joints, and ligaments that prevent your joints from rubbing, so when the area is stretched, the fluid is expelled, making the popping noise.

  1.      Once you go to a chiropractor, they want to see you forever!

When the issue has been resolved to the best of our abilities, the choice to continue visiting a chiropractor is entirely yours. Most patients keep their appointments regular because they enjoy the lifestyle and see the health benefits of regular adjustment. For patients with more intense spinal issues, the pain may be gone for a while but flare again; these patients return for comfort in their lives.

  1.      Chiro care doesn’t seem cost effective.

Studies have shown that chiro care is more cost-effective than traditional medical treatments. Also, most insurance plans include chiropractic benefits. And please, don’t try to self-adjust your issues; you may have temporary relief and be filled with a false sense of correcting the issue, but it could lead to more issues, such as arthritis.

  1.      Chiropractors only treat back pain.

We actually specialize in improving joint function, and humans have joints all over their bodies. Although most of our patients seem to come for back and/or spinal pain, we could also work on the neck, knees, ankles, hands, and feet to treat symptoms such as headaches, soft-tissue damage, and hypertension. In addition, chiropractic care is about a well-rounded lifestyle, and Kelly Chiro offers licensed massage therapy and wellness services to our patients.

  1.       Children don’t need chiropractic doctors.

Although children’s bodies are more flexible and heal fairly quickly, chiropractors can ensure that children’s bodies are developing correctly. Also, chiro care can ensure that there isn’t any damage done to the body that may cause discomfort later on.

Now that you see where the myths and the truth differ, give Kelly Chiropractic a call to schedule a consultation.

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